Saturday, September 3, 2011


Our sweet gabby celebrated her 2nd birthday last Aug 24... but since it fell on a weekday, hubby and I decided to celebrate it on a weekend instead.. 

It was only a 5 days preps.. my fault... had been on a scheduled leave for ten days but still I was working like crazy... 

What we had in mind for her birthday was just a SIMPLE celebration.. No parties.. No clowns.. just food, cake and ice cream... 1 week before the birthday, I asked hubby if we can rent a bigger place to hold atleast 15 to 20 persons.. Since I know cleaning the house before and after the party would be really a tough job..  A job I just can't handle... So, there.. After renting out the place for a minimum fee, I listed down the names of our guests.. and it reached 70.. I was really shock.. For a simple party, there's no way we can call it simple if you're holding it for almost a hundred guests.. I really am not so good with this... Good thing my hubby's aunt was there to do all the cooking.. We didn't spend that much on food.. For the sound system, I borrowed one from my uncle.. for the lootbags, I just used the excess bucket toy from my nephew. For her costume, we bought it from my client.. Balloons were given by my aunt... Event styling was done by me and my neighbor kuya Jun and yaya michelle.. Pasta was cooked by my sis in law... Cake was done by Maam Leah.. Tiring yet fun event...My daughter enjoyed her swimming pool party despite the heavy downpour... Happy viewing!

Mixed Veggies
Chicken Strips
BBQ (sweet n spicy)
Buttered Shrimp

Buko Pandan
Nestle Ice cream

For kids pika pika:
the traditional hotdog on stick with marshmallow
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Barbie Candy
Moist Chocolate cup cake


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