Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gabby loves to swim

My daughter loves to swim. She doesn't mind if the water is cold as long as she can practice her floating.. I really am a big fan of this kid.. Love u anak..

Friday, April 29, 2011

Glimpse of MOA's PYROMUSICAL 2011

Watched CHINA and FRANCE pyromusical competition...

Gifts for Gab

Gifts from her godparents..

Zoobic Safari

Spent Christmas holiday with the kids in SUBIC... As early as now, I wanted my daughter to have different exposure. No wonder at one, she is one SMART KID..

She sings twinkle twinkle... loves to read books.. can speak AYAW..yes.. no..rain.. mama.. papa.. daddy.. wowo for lolo.. KIM for hubby's cousin.. ate.. axa (for alexa).. ta (for isa).. ba bob (sponge bob).. tars (stars).. poon (spoon).. fork.. cup.. miwk (milk).. book... doyay (dora).. tatay (hubby's dad).. ping (ice cream).. papay (tinapay).. seep (sleep).. car.. truck.. train.. fowers (flowers).. swimming.. miming.. glass.. woteh (water).. baby.. apple.. counts 1 2 3 4... banana.. shoes.. baba... nose.. ears.. eyes... toes.. tummy.. neck.. pig.. horse.. fwog.. phone.. hewow (hello).. hi.. bye.. nite..


I've realized that my photo inbox is full and yet I haven't blogged about it... will post some pictures taken from last year just for update...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A tribute to my friendster account

They said friendster is going to close down.. So, I am going to save my profile as a reminder of my friendster site...

wow...sayang naman ang sandamakmak na testimonials ko... ma save nga yung iba...