Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another opportunity?

I've had countless offers from different clients...

1. Consultant... for Persia Grill... good guy.. but I'm not sure why I didn't grab the offer..
2. Business Opportunity for ?????  secret... hahaha...
3. Secretary cum Sales Agent for contractors.. wow ha? bongga.. will work on my networks first.. I dunno y they trust me so much with their business..

Just this evening... I had talked with my client.. and I just couldn't understand where it was leading.. until finally the word is out.. I had been offered to work part time with them...

Well... eto lang masasabi ko.. praise God.. now I need to get the right connection muna..

Lunch out with the big honchos

I'm always dreading Mondays but last May 30 was an exception. My two friends got promoted as Branch Heads... Shucks.. I am quite speechless.. Was elated.. Parang kailan lang ka lunch date ko lang mga gfs kong yun.. Now, branch heads na sila.. WOW!! as in wow... Ganun ka bilis ang movement namen..

Actually most of my barkadas (we are known as wacoal girls...) 3 of the wacoal ladies are already BH. 3 na lang kmeng natitira.. I need production.. Production.. I don't know what's hindering me to do my best. I was always a performer.. but the question is.. if I get there, ma dedeliver ko ba lahat yun? Maybe yes.. maybe no..

Anyways, last Monday was indeed an exception... I went to the office half heartedly.. My boss texted me, that I was assigned to seat together with the head honchos.. My mind went.. WHAATTT??? most of the people seating on that table were my friends who were already assigned as branch heads.. parang I don't feel like I belong there.. Aside from the fact na performer lahat sila.. WHO AM I?

BUT anyway, seating with them gave me another glimpse of hope. I AM ON MY WAY THERE. I SHOULD START EMBRACING the fact that I REALLY BELONG THERE...

parting thought: Thank you Lord.. for the opportunities.. for the blessings.. for the new network.. for the skills.. thanks for everything Lord... I BELONG..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mom's 59th bday

Had a fun filled kitchen activity yesterday with gabby crying every now and then...


My never ending carbonara
Yaya Baet's menudo
Daddy's soup for the day sotanghon
Kuya James' pata tim
Kuya Rodney's CHICKEN 4 d road

Buko Pandan
Kinder Surprise for the kids (with free wind up toys)

Uploads from my cam.. am so tamad to edit it..

to my two brothers.. I AM SUPER BLESSED to have you as my siblings.. though mama isn't around anymore, you still managed to free your scheds. SUPER SWEET nyo.. Imagine.. I just texted you lang last weekend to ask about our plan on mama's natal day.. and voila. both of you replied... MERYENDA.. and the other one early dinner.. that's it.. success ang party mo ma.. =)

PS.. happy birthday mama... we miss you...

58th BDAY

Friday, May 27, 2011

Food trip down memory lane

As a kid, I enjoyed playing toys for boys.. GI Joes.. water gun... sometimes picking up fights with my boy friends.. haha.. in tagalog.. kaibigang lalaki.. we would end up boxing each other.. and I'll end up going home crying and calling out my two brothers..

HS days.. I told myself I should start acting like a normal teenage girl. I was almost always inside the house.. I enjoyed cleaning the house back then.. but I super hate cooking.. You can always hear my mom complaining about having a daughter who never cooks. I hate veggies that time.. If my mom prepared veggies, I told her I would starve myself to death.. but she was a strong headed woman..I was always provoking my mom.. testing her limits was always my goal.. but she'll just answer me with a smile.. and say OK.. I will not tolerate such behavior in my house.. I will not eat with them knowing that she won again.. I get to have my own way, but in the end, I would end up following her (well.. patago nga lang ako kung sumunod)..  One time, I waited for them to finish and sneaked out to the kitchen.. I was so famished.. I gobbled down the veggies she had cooked that day. Oh my.. My final thought was.. ANG SARAP NAMAN PALA E... Later on, I started eating veggies.. but still I was the imperfect daughter who never tried to please her mom..

College days.. I can cook.. congratulate me.. ask my specialty... well for the 1st time... i can cook hotdog and noodles.. haha.. anyways.. mom never tried to push me this time.. she just let me do my thing.. I told her... I'm a growing kid.. or at times.. I am tired ma.. but the truth is.. I REALLY HATE COOKING..

I grew up knowing that mom will always be there to cook all my fave dish..

I went abroad without the know how... venturing on my own has taught me lots of things.. I have to tend and look out for myself.. not to mention.. cook my own meals.. from there, I always call mom for the recipe of this and that.. COOKING is quite fun din pala..  plus.. my relationship with my mom had blossomed over the years.. Distance made us closer.. weird as it may sound.. the more I live farther, the more I love her and miss her.. There was never a day that I wouldn't call her or text her. Every time I go out malling, I always bought something for her coz I know she loves them or that she wanted to have one like that (whatever it is).. She was the type na hindi humihingi kasi.. You just have to know by instinct.. and I BELIEVE I AM ALMOST CLOSE TO being the PERFECT DAUGHTER for her..

I went home when I was 7 mos pregnant..

We had bonding moments before mom died.. BONDING AT THE KITCHEN.. I told her that I wanted to know all her secret recipe for her specialty... lenggua.. hamonado.. buko pandan.. she told me everything.. gave me instructions.. the problem with me is that.. i still have this in mind.. MOM WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND.. so I never wrote down every thing she told me that day..fate took a different course.. I lost my mom..

Mom's body detoriated so fast, that I feel as though I was only watching my life on a tube and then sombedy changed the channel.. this time.. I WAS the one who took in charge of her kitchen.. cooking meals for her was something I would love to do over and over.. If that would bring back her health.. I CAN COOK forever..

so... here I am.. starting from scratch..

Monday, May 23, 2011