Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our very own version baby doll

Meet our living barbie doll.....

Gabby's new toy

Meet Gabby's dolls.. Given by my brother.. Aren't they cute? 

The blue doll is Arti, The pink one is Kathy and the green one is named Shelby...

Nail Art

Nail Art done in Navotas.. super galing ng manucurist dun sa navotas.. galit sa ingrown nails.. hehehe... downside super bagal nga lang.. from 3:30 to 7pm ata ako dun..pero.. sya yun galit sa ingrown na walang sakit.. sarap nya mag linis ng nails.. I hope I'll find like her here in pasig.. dito 15 minutes done agad magpalinis.. mabilis nga but the cons are hindi nila natatanggal yun ingrown ko...

Here's my nails now...

ilash ilove

Had my eyelash extension with my sis in law last week. Good thing I always have my shopping buddy and ka KIKAYAN buddy with me anytime of the day..

My first time ever... hehehe.. likey likey..

Hongkong Chicken

Went to Hubbby's home town last thursday.. March 24. On the way to Navotas we stopped by a small Chinese restaurant and took our merienda there.

Finally, at around 4 pm, we were at my in-laws house.. Tita Nene and I started preparing our food for dinner.. Our menu that night was chicken cordon bleu and we made bangus with tomatoes, onion and for the final touch.. we added cheese and salted eggs... SUPEEERRRBBB!!!! yummy.. forgot to take photos of that.. sayang..

For Saturday menu, tita and I cooked miswa with meatballs. Gabby loved the miswa with meatballs.. I will surely make one here in Pasig. We also made another viand.. One of my fave was lumpiang ubod.. hayyss.. am such a pig na talaga.. uber yummy.... Again we were all famished kaya I wasn't able to take photo of that.

For Sunday... I wasn't able to help out tita Nene in the kitchen cause I was busy with Gabby at that time.. Tita Nene made the HONG KONG CHICKEN.. hayyss..panu ba ko papayat? help!!

This time hindi ko na pinalampas ang hk chicken... here's the pic..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Havey na havey

Meet my new havey... hehehe.. I wanted to buy the new model... I want the pa girl kasi.. I don't know why I bought this one.. but super love it.. unisex sya fyi..

Last year Hubby brought me crocs.. in brown and pink color. It was ok naman.. kinda masakit lang sa paa ko.. compared sa havaianas.. plus ang bilis matuklap ng pink nung crocs ko.. so this one is really a BEST BUY for me and my feet..HAPPY FEET...

My netbook Friend

Hubby is so generous talaga.. I was having a problem with dellie. 0.99% available space na lang kasi.. I was hoping that somehow by transferring some of my files ma oovercome ko na yang disk space problem na yan.. now it's with me na.. I was done with some of my files and yet it seems to appear the same. Help..

Anyway, to help me out with my predicament, allow me to introduce gabby's LG.. ultra slim HD.. slimmer than psp.. Available in white color with pink and green.. Hubby brought the green one.. Ayaw ng pa GIRL kasi nun.. Super  ganda... i love it.. thanks ulit hon.. mwah...

Gabby trying on the pink tutu skirt

Was at the mall again this morning till afternoon.. Right after attending mass we went to Rob Galleria... For our weekly date.. Gabby's favorite hung out place is at Tom's World.. After our routinary rides, we went to check out the mall wide sale.. I bought one dress for myself. I hate malls. hehehe.. and I found one cute tutu pink skirt for Gabby.. I super like it..btw, I still am deciding if I will get one tutu skirt for her. I already brought the pink top.. taming my shoppaholic side...(promise ko ke hubby yun e. pak!! goodluck)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome home queen B

The queen has arrived... 

Elated? Well.. i admit. yeah.. I AM!! Since I experienced being an OFW, I was always low keyed.. Hehehe.. Blame it on my previous credit card billing statement. Learned my lessons the hard way. So, whenever I see brand new gadgets, I irked away.. 

Now, I'm  back here in Pinas.. I really am not affected of the latest trend. For awhile atleast..

It took me 1 year to decide if I should buy a new phone or not.. Correction, hubby gave it to me.. Hehehe.. Thank you hon.. Ako na ang spoiled wife.. sige na... love u.. =)

Love at first sight? no.. I believe it was a love at 2nd sight for me and queen B.. Looking at it.. I thought this phone was one of the most complicated phones invented ever. I dunno why Nelson bought it. Well, he was always the one who loves gadgets.. plus.. I feel as though this phone was made for the serious type.. I reallly wanted to have an iphone.. sleek looking... and I wanted to play games sana.. but then if I really want to play games edi i'll buy ipod na lang di ba? hahaha... tata.. ciao.. have to research about unli prepaid blackberry plans... but... should I apply for it even if I'm almost always on wifi mode at home? another gastos lang pala yan e.. haha..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BDO Junior Savings Account

BDO Junior Savings Account for Gab...

Already opened her 2nd account, but this time it's with BDO.

 Initial deposit is Php 500.00 and is evidenced by a passbook. Hubby and I are planning to save something every payday to our daughter's account. Being a frugal mom is getting to me. Happy savings sweetheart..

>>>will buy her a piggy bank
>>>will start shopping for educational plan....
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August Love

August spells F-U-N


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Claudine VS Christine

I just followed claudine on twitter and guess what? We both have the same profile pic..


Monday, March 14, 2011

Twit twit twit

My hubby kept on talking about twitter.. Almost everyone I know is on twitter.. Everyone except me...Again, I think I am in the dark age.. So I decided to join..After I joined the community.. I thought it was just a waste of time.. But then, I've realized that, there's more to it than mere updates from friends.. You can post anything under the sun. I prefer to post whatever emotions I have.. Good for ranting and raving.. hehehe...

For now... MY TWITTER should be all about GOOD VIBES LANG... well.. starting today that is..

Angry birds

Earth to ME!!! After the plants vs zombie, I think I am turning to be an Angry birds fanatic.. I didn't know that there's a psp version of that. After researching from the net.. VOILA!! downloading succesful..  The down side... I will play only on weekends.. As I have other things to do aside from being a mom.. Got a career to keep.. CIAO angry birds...

note: i really am getting angry... hahaha.. how can I finish this game?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hubby bought me series of Gossip Girl dvds last August of 2010.. But I got the chance to watch it only 2 weeks ago.. I have too many list of things to do but thank God finally I was able to watch it now. I super like Serena's character but I love Blaire's sense of fashion. SO CHIC! PREPPY and CLASSIC..

To don Blaire's hairstyle

sporting Blaire's do =)

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