Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lunch Date with my favorite client

Maam Malou and Sir Rudy's gift for moi =)

Had a super wonderful lunch with one of my favorite clients.

Last week, I was having a hard time notifying my clients about my abrupt resignation.. But I took risk doing so... in the end.. all is well.. hindi ko din naman sila niloko di ba? I was surprised pa nga to receive messages from them.. they were thanking me din in return.. and they were all wishing me luck..

Yesterday, I got an invitation from Maam Malou.. super nakaka touch lang talaga.. Thanks po.. brought them some christmas ham kasi super nahihiya talaga ako..

So, there..

We went to Pande Amerikana and took our dessert at Conti's...

Parting thought: BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gabby's latest collection

Spent 3 whole days with my inlaws.. on the 3rd day.. spent it shopping with tatay and beybie.. Thanks so much tatay and bie.. Gabby's super duper doting lolo and tita bought her 3 pair of shoes.. I bet paglaki ni gabby super shoe-a-holic na sya... hehehe...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hi there my bloggiebie.. Been neglecting you for quite some time now.. But here you are.. Ready to hear my musings.. my rantings.. and my never ending tralalalas.. missed you.. Kaya.. sit back and relax.. listen to what I have to say..

The last time I visited you (except this morning), I was pregnant with Gabby.. Oh, don't ask me to show you some pictures.. Coz I just might show you.. hahaha.. well.. I didn't have the chance to have my preggy shoot.. It's not that I was busy or anything.. infact I was a BIG BUM.. COUCH POTATO.. hehehe.. I looked like shrek's lovely wife, FIONA.. ewww... but anyway I really am proud to show off my swelling belly.. so... i'll post my eewwyy figure... taken by my hubby...

Yeah... I really am a one big preggy mom..

EDD is August 24, 2009..

My birthing story was really funny...

August 16, 2009 (our wedding anniversary)
... was admitted to the hospital... only to be sent back home by my OB.. reason: I only had indigestion.. my gosh.. my brother was so pissed off.. because we have to wake him up in the middle of the night.. I have to drag my sleeping mom to the hospital because I thought I was already due..

August 22, 2009
... my uncle came home from dubai.. they all came to pasig to visit me.. almost all my uncle and aunt were present.. call that the LERIT fambam team support... They went to my other tita's house to eat, drink and be merry..

Again, I spoiled the small reunion because I felt like my gabby is pushing herself out.. My cousin Joan drove back to our place with my mom.. and they brought me again to the nearest hospital.. I was in so much pain.. Again.. they sent me home because I had another indigestion.. gosh... ganun na ba ako katakaw? well.. i think yeah.. from 42 kilos naging 62 kilos ako.. Add the fact na I ate 1 gallon of ice cream when I was in Dubai.. I eat chocolate everyday pa.. Tanga lang ako.. hehehehe.. I wasn't aware na pede pala yun mag trigger ng diabetes.. So when I came home.. I have to watch my sugar level.. Ok... getting back to my hospital trip.. I was sent home again.. Meanwhile, my relatives went straight to the hospital to visit me na agad.. hahaha.. they were looking for me but the nurse had informed them na FALSE ALARM po ulit si maam tin.. wala ako sa hospital na yun.. they drove back to our place.. hayys...

August 23...
6pm.. I was doing a little exercise and praying the rosary till 8pm.. super sakit na talaga.. my brother wasn't buying my excuse this time.. at 9pm.. I was already crying.. I can't sleep.. My mom had to call my brother again and told him that it's for real na.. so another trip to the hospital.. When I came there.. 2 cm palang daw.. nagpa admit na ko.. I shouted in pain and asked them to perform cs on me instead.. kasi di ko na keri.. hahaha.. hayyys.. maloloka talaga ako.. Mom wasn't able to get some sleep because I was really loud.. I was in pain.. My ob would come in the morning pa daw..plus hndi daw nag oopen yun cervix ko.. gudluck.. by 1am.. they brought me to the OR.. ehhehe.. naiistorbo siguro sila sa ingay ko.. I was tired.. sleepy... naaalala ko lang nun may ininject yung nurse.. then I dozed off.. around 6 am.. I felt something again.. pushed hard.. and ayun na nga manganganak na pala ako.. I was totally out of it.. drained.. I heard her little wail.. and yes.. finally..


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is finally going to start a new life...

Letter for mom

Hi Ma,

Will be joining another company soon..

Happy thoughts... happy thoughts... happy thoughts.. Be positive.. Gosh.. I wish it was that easy... I really am having a hard time ma..

Ma, sorry if I failed to make you happy for the nth time.. I know you always wanted me to be the best in everything.. I really am sorry... I'm not the perfect daughter that you had in mind ma.. I thought I was.. but then, after losing you.. i am quite at a lost.. I wish I had your personality.. You always had that "READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD" attitude. You've been a fighter up until your last breath.. I admire you ma.. I really wish that you are here with me...

Ma, I've been given a chance to work again here.. Life's treating me good.. That's a plus.. Got a good company.. good boss.. good supervisor.. good colleagues.. good pay.. But I have to push my luck somewhere else.. Pushed my luck to the limits this time ma.. I got a bigger role.. Ma, I don't know if I can handle this job. Am I ready to take on a bigger challenge? Geeezzz... This has been on my mind for more than a month now.. Ma, nahihirapan ako mag decide on my own.. in a few days, I will be moving na.. A BIGGER ROLE.. A BIGGER CHALLENGE... I hope I win this time ma.. I will make you proud.. I love you Ma..

Final thought: so help me God..