Thursday, June 16, 2011

So proud of my baby

At 1, she knows how to say

mama.. papa.. tatay... mommy.. nanay... ate.. lolo.. daddy.. bird.. doggie... cat... mickey.. open.. close.. catch.. wiwi.. poopoo.. eat.. book... drum.. one... two.. three.. four... hellow.. hi.. kym.. bryce.. kuya.. star.. ba bye.. apple.. frog.. pig.. cow.. train.. plane.. bottle.. glass.. slide.. short.. moon.. watch.. teeth.. milk.. kitty.. pooh...  horse.. car.. ball.. bike.. jump.. dance.. bed.. shoes.. bag.. out.. money.. beach.. play.. phone.. ayaw.. baby.. ano? kasya.. get money.. give money.. jump.. ayaw.. bag.. pen.. close.. open.. wala na... woody (toy story).. toys.. doll.. amen.. sleep... shhh.. toy...

lagot - got (with action)
pororo- poyoyo
miming - swimming
water - woter
dora - doya
barney- marney
isa - sa
banana - bayaya
see saw - su saw
church - chorch
jesus - sus
inside - side


Done with my sales audit..

Been so down this past few weeks..  My counterpart were done with their sales audit last MAY.. While my sales audit sched was set this JUNE. I was always praised by my superiors way back.. but lately.. I came to work wearing this =(... yeah.. sad face..

My boss commented on my working attitude.. or should I say on my "attitude" alone? He told me that I have changed. That I wasn't the same TIN he met 6 months ago.. He told me during my first few weeks with the company I always have this GO CONQUER THE WORLD attitude.. and that I was always the first one to call him pa daw..

You know why I don't call na?
- When I was new.. no one taught me the ropes... compared to my new colleagues, we were assigned to teach them all the know how...  so, obviously I really need them for support..
- DUMIDISKARTE na ko on my own.. tatawag lang ako if need ko mag ask.. but since marami na din akong alam.. ayoko mag tanong at tumawag.. diskarte lang..

Anyway, my only problem now.. I barely go out to meet my clients.. i lack the drive na.. then it all boiled down to personal issues.. if ok daw kme ni hubby.. i told them, yes.. nagka problem lang ako sa yaya.. after that... pressured na ko sa work.. they asked me din kung sino madalas ko kausap sa group.. but it was quite obvious naman kung sino.. they told me na baka that person is dragging me down.. I SAID ofcourse NOT.. if hindi ako nag perform lately fault ko yun and not my colleague.. i don't blame others for my flaws.. I HAVE THE CHOICE.. choice to be a winner or a loser...

They advised me not to spend too much time with this friend cum colleague.. lessen the negative vibes by choosing the right person i hung out with.. Like my other (already) branch head friends.. well.. na sa sad ako.. hindi naman kasi tama na iwasan yun taong walang kuneksyon sa pag slow down ko... ako lang pede maging responsible sa sarili ko.. and not my friend.. parang lalo akong na sad sa advice sken.. kasi why na hit ko yun quota ko nun 1st month ko and now.. plateu na ang trend ko... and now it nose dived pa.. hayyyysss....

They told me the reason pa why I was sitted with the head honchos together with the branch heads.. kasi I HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME ONE... Kaya they want the head honchos to be familiar wit my face... I hear some comments pa na favoritism daw.. na unfair daw... na manyak daw kasi or something.. well,  dapat patunayan ko na dapat talaga ako dun.. sa pwestong yun.. and thank my boss for having faith in me..

final thought: LALABAN  AKO BOSS.. thank you for believing in ME when i myself had already given up..

Friday, June 10, 2011

To be or not to be?

Hahaha.. I really need to talk to myself...

Should I work again as an ofw? My heart says no.. Yeah, I got the same salary with lots of package here.. but then, wala kasing branch e.. so I find it so magastos to live here in pinas.. plus I'm always eating out.. hayyss.. kaaasar lang.. meet clients.. eat.. meet friends.. eat... meet colleagues... eat... plus our division super loves to eat pa.. magastos talaga.. then, dine date ko pa every weekend si gab and si yaya.. o di ba? super gastos na ang healthy healthy ko pa.. hahaha...

Conclusion.. sooner or later babalik ka din naman sa pinas e.. so, why not establish a career here? if you want to go ABROAD, then not as an ofw.. for tour2 na lang.. hahaha... or atleast apply somewhere else na pede kang maging citizen... dava? Well if they offered you a job na may free schooling for your kid.. then, why not? the question is... who will look after my dad and our crib? Yay! andami ko namang iniisip.. Dad's not getting any younger.. kung noon nag abroad ako dalawa sila ng mom ko naiwan sa house.. pano na si daddy now? Plus, my 2 brothers have their own property na din.. so that leaves me with my parents house.. hehehe.. lucky me.. mas lucky asawa ko..

Hubby's asking me, if I will come back to DUBAI or return to pinas for good... hayyss... kelan ba ang deadline nito?



I have so many issues with this effinngg thing.. I wanted to have this thing for the past 2 months now.. well, I know we can buy it.. but I also know that we have to prioritize.. I have so many things going on.. Why don't I just concentrate on building my wealth instead? hahaha.. Anyway, I am at a loss right now, if I really want this or not.. the problem with me is... do i really need it? or i just want this efffinnngggg thing? I know myself too well.. after getting what I want.. I start to want other things naman.. this is a never ending process.. whether I buy it or not, my life will be the same.. di ba? will it contribute to my being? to our future plans? to our career? wala lang.. I've been bad lately... buying things on impulse.. shoes.. clothes.. i really feel bad.. and now? look at my stuff.. I already have 3 cabinets.. Got the other 1 from my mom.. My original cabinet.. plus the cabinet for curtains, blankets and towel inangkin ko na.. stuff which I call now as JUNK.. HAYYYYSSS... sana I could go on a seminar on an island.. away from all these things.. TIN... FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!!!!!!

ciao! tschus..


When will I get skinny?

tomorrow, start of my diet na talaga.. promise.. ahaha...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lerit at Sariaya

Celebrated uncle Abner's bday at uncle Romy's resort (quezon).

I was adamant at first...
Just the thought of a 3 to 4 hrs drive makes me want to pull the covers of my bed and sleep all day.. Text brigade here and there.. (for the most part.. my heart was like... not another swimming thingie family reunion puhlease)... Don't ask me why... coz I already gave you the reason awhile ago.. 2nd reason.. maybe it has to do with... missing my mom.. Ok.. This swimming thing had been part of the Lerit Clan ever since.. So, why stop now? 1st swimming outing (for me) without mom... well.. after I came from abroad.. Nalulungkot ako mag join...
Sanay lang ako na friday night palang, we are all busy packing things and cooking baon for the overnight swim. Pag dating dun.. sarili ko lang iisipin ko.. kakain.. swi swimming.. I hate small talks with my titos and titas.. kasi madalas akong pag sabihan nung bata pa ako.. MAG ARAL MUNA... but now, things have changed... I LOVE talking with them.. feeling ko.. buhay pa mom ko.. super enjoy kasama mga tita ko.. they are not as strict as i thought they were.. I know even nung buhay pa mom ko.. medyo tamad na talaga ako mag join sa outing.. but now, i'm yearning na sana buhay pa mom ko.. na sana madami pa kmeng moments na ganito.. kasama mga pinsan, pamangkin, mga lola namen... Well.. Mom may be gone but it doesn't mean na we have to end family ties... so I really treasure all our moments with them.. To be honest, close talaga ako sa side ng mom ko.. After losing my mom, I distanced myself.. Wala lang.. Abnormal lang talaga ako at times.. hahaha.. I SUPER LOVE MY LERIT fambam.. SUPER PROUD OF THEM.. I AM A LERIT afterall.. biased lang.. they have come a long long way... from rags to riches? hahaha.. parang ganun na nga.. (to romy's story btw.. you can search it on kabuhayang swak na swak).. AKO? barely.. going there pa din.. shet.. struggle? GAWD, why do I have to contradict everything I say? I AM ON MY WAY THERE.. ok?! (small nagging voice... go away)..



sorry.. been awol for awhile... work muna..


Thursday, June 2, 2011

My best friend's bday

It's your birthday...

(and meron pang latest.. hahaha... pataba ng pataba... hiyang lang.. hahaha)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend.. You won't find a perfect best friend like me.. hahaha.. You are so damn lucky... Wish I could send myself and give you a great big HUG... love you... though lage akong pasaway.. super patient ka pa din.. MY GIFT FOR YOU? ayan.. you are using it now.. asan naman gift mo sken? hahaha.. You know it already... After ng birthday naten... yeah.. no more gift giving until christmas.. hahaha.. that's a promise... (I am so stressed again).. hahaha...

Wishing my hubby a great career ahead.. Good health... aside from that.. wala na.. kasi happy ka na e.. ahaha.. sana.. less sungit ka na din..



HEY YOU... Yes, you... stalk me more.. hahaha..

Nothing much happened... aside from gaining a few unwanted effingggg fatttttt.... got the bangs garcia awardee.... hahaha... cut my bangs short again... jeezzz.... when will i ever learn? seriously, i need an overhaul... have to lose those -------.

mantra for today... i'm so pretty oh so pretty.. i'm so pretty and gay.... hahahha...

Parting thought: